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Rather than searching manually for actualities on this AKA website, it is much more comfortable to subscribe (sign up) to our RSS Feed and receive updates automatically.

There are several ways to subscribe (sign up) to the AKA RSS Feed. In addition to many free of charge Feed-Readers, modern browsers indicate automatically whether websites offer RSS feeds. Several E-Mail programs inform topically.

Mozilla Firefox recognizes automatically, whether a Web-Site offers a Feed. To subscribe (sign on) to the Feed of AKA, please click on the Feed-Symbol.

In Firefox the Feed-Symbol is shown on the actual page of the Browser. By clicking on the button "To subscribe this feed" you can select a program for the use of a dynamic bookmark. Alternatively you can add this bookmark to the bookmark list in Firefox.

After clicking on our Feed-Link, a new page in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7 will be opened. Please click on the button "Subscribe feed“ and in the new page on the button "Subscribe". To see the subscribed feeds, please click on „Favourites“ and then on „Feeds“. Any new message will be displayed in bold characters.

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